Hidden Superstition

Grace Potter and The Nocturnals

I was on my way
To the grocery store,
When I saw a man standing
At my back door.
He was tall and dark,
I’d never seen him before
He was saying something
That I could not ignore.
He said “Hey let me in.”
With a big, big grin.
“I’ve got something to say,
so lady, let’s begin.”

So he sat me down and
Looked me straight in the eye.
He said “I know something
About you that you can’t deny:
If you see a black cat, you
Gonna cover your eyes,
You see a crack in the road,
You gonna step to the side.”

You’ve got a hidden
You’ve got a hidden

So I looked at this man,
With a pair of guilty eyes.
He knew what I knew,
He saw through my disguise.
There was no use in denying
But I thought I might give it a try
So I said “Hey tell me more
Mr. Man, if you think
you’re so wise.”

He said “Hey little Miss,
I don’t mean no harm.”
Then he got a little closer
As he touched my arm.
He said “I’ve watched you doing
Your thing for days on end.
And I’ve sent every vibe that
I know how to send.
I swear I’m not a creep and
I don’t mean to offend.
But I thought you might like
To be my Voodoo friend.”

Cause I got Hidden Superstition.
I got Hidden Superstitions.

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