Better Things Undone

Greg Wood

I try, the Lord knows I try,
every single day seems farther from the way...
I know, so I cry, my eyes show I cry,
every single tear only shows the fear...
I know, I wait, been waiting for so long,
something must be wrong, the end is drawing near...
I'm scared, so I pray, been praying for so long,
patience must be gone, weakness makes me strong...
I know...what are you fighting for,
I've been with you this time and before,
I can see it in your eyes, no use to hide,
I can feel it in your voice, behind this lies the choice,
what burns at you inside, lie awake in your bed at night,
and stay, what holds you still,
wake up, from your dreams,
and know I'm here, one more time, once more in time,
I feel the sun, we must take our world,
and give all we have, not to follow, but to lead...
I will always give my life for you

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