Lonely Soldier

Gregory Isaacs

I'm a lonely soldier, many miles from home
With a heart that's heavy, and with a will that's strong
Behind, i left a woman, so, so dear to me
Now i'm off to fight a war that they say would make me free

I'm a lonely soldier, i'm a lonely soldier
I'm a lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely soldier (yes, i am)
So won't somebody have mercy on me

Nice little son call junior, smiling but with sympathy
All confused he asked a question, he said, "daddy, why must this war be?"

I tried so very hard, yes i did, so very hard i tried to explain. yeah!
But it seems that all i ever been trying, lord, it all seems to be in vain
You know lord, i'm tired of hearing people crying
Lord, i'm tired of seeing people dying
But i promise i wait very patiently
For that sweet voice of liberty
An non. yeah!

I'm tired of seeing people dying...

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