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Groove Armada

Enter in the dance, Plug it in and we begin
Crowd up in the center, they watch (be dibidim)
Watch the way we drop it in a mix timing
Rise and amplifying when we come in with the swing
Just following the back an naturally harmonizing
Climb into position with synchronized things
Live from out the ghetto, We maximizing
Sound of the Groove Armada, We Super styling
We Super styling...[2x]
Sometime...Can you feel de pressure does unwind (sound weird)
Sometime...Trough de day and trough de night
Sometime...You can make our pressure does unwind (this too)
Sometime...Its for your spirit and your mind
That´s how we drop it (on the up on the line)
One time lyrics that must tick on your mind
Pop a bass line, I'll go (prop on prepay)
My MC super, I'll go double on the right
Go double on the right...
Come operator make the music play in time...
(think I'm wrong with this one)
Baby just recline...

Composição: Tom Findlay, Andrew Derek Cocup, Keeling Myers Lee, Jonathan Leroy White, Paul Michael Graham, Michael Anthony Daniel, Michael Philip Leslie Davies

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