Gucci Girl

Gucci Mane

All I wanna be is a gucci girl
All I wanna be is a gucci girl
Live in gucci land call me gucci world
Live in gucci land call me gucci world

All I wanna be
Ay [? ] My wrist don't freeze
Want a watch like mine add 10 more G's
Un un, I smoke too much trees
Ya next boost moe dro sip on don p
Un, grl please ain't nun 4 free
Now throw da book at me
I'm a crook u see
Da most handsom man ever grace yo tv
Every show long line like the dmv
I'm da M-V-P do u D-I-G?
Hottest woman hit the scenes since kilo ali
Every girl in da world finna no bout me
Gucci mane young truly baby girl let's leave


Baby play with yo kids cause u can't play me
If ya nigga ask who u with dnt say me
My pockets fatter then I ever been on BET
Every bitch in da city wana see bout me
Still wearn black t's cause I'm so icy
Ya hate me so it must be yo wifey
Gotta grill and a gill but u not like me
Can't make that girl back dat ass up like me
If u love gucci mane come n hug gucci mane
Show da whole damn world u's a real gucci fan


Every show I do, tell 1 playa I need u
I keep a college girl out pass her curfue
When ya name when ya bells pimpn they gone choose
Me feenin doors on old school [? ]
Gucci bus gucci paint pimpn I dnt play
I no she gettn money fo us so I can't hate
Like sleepy brown said shawty I can't wait
Baby smile 4 da camera cause u on tape
Gucci neva been a amateur, I move way
Gettn head on inna state of da 1st leave


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