Wet Book

Heavy Trash

What kind of man
Going back on the road
What kind of person
Of course we are all above

I heard her call my name
And then I turn away
And then I ran away

Some kind of people
You gotta butter up like a jerk
Watch out, baby
I'm gonna create hell on Earth

I heard her call my name
But then I ran away
They are calling me the same
Why don't you look and find the wet book
mercy on the planet

I've got a reason
I've got a reason now
I've got a reason to cry
Play the fantasy for freedom
But deserve what you think is too strong
I'm going out of my mind
And it hurts deep inside

And I remember
Baby, such a long time ago
I had a day dream
I loved you like a waterfall
I had to love that sweet thing
But I can't think you'll save me
You seem to be all there is baby
I'm a fool and I'm racing
I don't know what it is
But I found it in the wet book
Must be in peril
I got to stick it in the wet book
stick it inside the wet book
Right on, right on, right on

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