After You've Gone

Hugh Laurie

Now listen, honey
while I say
How could you tell me that you gone away?
Don't you say that we must part
While you won't brake my aching heart

You know I loved you true for many years
Loved you night n' day
How can you leave me?
Can't ya see my tears?
And listen out me while I'm saying

After you've gone
Left me crying
After you've gone
Ain't no deny

You feel blue
You don't feel safe
You'll miss the Bestler
That you ever had

And there come a time
Don't you forget it
There come a time
When you'll regret it

Someday when you're lonely
you're hard to brake leg, man
You gonn' own me only
After you've gone
After you've gone away

After you've gone
After we brake her
After you've gone
You show my wigga

You go fine, yeah
You were blind
'till let somebody come around and change your mind
After the years we've been together
through dawn and tears
All kind of weather

Someday blue and down, honey
You wanna be with me
Right back where you started
After you've gone
After you've gone away
After you've gone
After you've gone away

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