Breaking The Mortal Shell Of Love

Inner Shrine

I lie still in his cell, so cold... so mortal.
My moaning heart speaks to you... so far away.
Never I will subside to him, because nothing can
part what we feel.

Be silent and kneel! Because you belongs to me!
I am the only truth you have to learn!
Mine are Life and Death! Mine all your feelings and your passions...
...so be submissive or you will repent!

Be submissive!
You will repent!

Nevermore... Nevermore... Cruel Master...

Now I can wait no longer.
My love is greater than this material bars.
No one can chill my bloody heart.
So... like the wind I will blow far from here.
I've heard your voice calling...
Your love has turned me into a dove.
Together we will meet over the clouds
and we will be free forever.

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