Owl's Tear


Rain keeps falling deep inside mu soul
I've been here before...
Pain reaps harvests, here, inside my soul
I've learnt this before

Keep searching
Keep yearning
Keep holding on and then
Feel all that rain wash down the pain

There is hunger
There is power
It is greed's old refrain...
Here lies some truth:
There's betrayal of Mother Earth

There is bloodshed
There's confusion
Repetition, over again
Nuclear waste in our oceans
That's our mistake

The pollution
The delusion
The solutions are on display
Over and over and over again

I see the wisdom in the clouds remains
The reach to greater heights regained...
Like vapour heated by my heart in pain
Returns to join the sky's blue eyes...
My spirit seeks to join that cloud tonight
To find an angel analyze:
That all that matters is to rise above,
All that exists is in love...

Rain --- keeps on falling
Sun --- keeps on shining
Earth --- keeps on turning and turning and...
Clouds --- keep on rolling
Trees --- keep on growing and growing and...
Stars --- keep on glowing and glowing and...
Moon --- keeps reflecting from the sun
Water --- keeps flowing

Keep searching
Keep yearning
Keep holding the torch and then...
Keep learning
Keep hoping
Keep Love in your heart and then...

Feel the pain rise
Feel the pain go
Feel the rain falling and
Feel all this Love ---

Rain keeps falling deep inside my soul
I've been here before...

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