Enchanting Lights


Silence, silence around
Darkness is falling
Down on the sand.
Dunes are on fire,
Burnt by the sun
That’s dying westwards
And welcomes the night.
End of the road,
Enough for today
Tomorrow at sunrise
We’ll start again.
Feeling unquiet
I cannot sleep
The voice of the desert
Singing for me
...Calling my name

And I feel I can’t resist
Now I am standing by the moon
So cold, so pure, shining bright
Like a diamond that enchants my eyes

Silence around
Darkness is falling
Down on the sand.
Silver and gold
Flash in the night,
Lighting the cold air
Burning my heart
...Ravish my soul

Darkness around
A diamond moonlight
Shines in the night,
Mystical voices
Praying their God
Breaking the silence
Talk to my heart
...Ravish my soul

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