Awes Nificent

Iron Chic

Not like this, it's a parable
It's a fucking myth it's a show
And honestly I'm not a dishonest guy
But that doesn't mean that I can't tell a lie
If you don't believe me take a look in my eyes
You see we're all faking and it's no big surprise
Everybody just makes it up as they go along
With a mind like this who needs enemies
This antagonist keeps me honest
Silly as it seems
This nonsense means everything
It's kind of an inside joke
But truer words were never spoke
Everybody's stuck but were fucked 'til we move along
It's a mystery
Why we see things so differently?
But something has got to give
I can't say why it's just the way it is
Everybody just makes it up as they go
And everybody's fucked
But we hope we can move along

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