Jamie T

From here to salvador, the ladies dance To fill us reckless sons with passions of the heart I've been round this town for so long, she's been dancing since the first day I've been all around but I love coming back to see lucy She swings me over to pull me out, Twirls around and I fall about, in giggles and laugher, oh I'm plastered, can't damn help it I'm sorry love What's to falling feeling feet Great for bouncing round these streets Theyre lonely like you, are for me, to ask for a dance or two A heart of gold, and a face so pale, with a second hand dress and lips of a temptress Bar stool banshee, howled out at me, The kings and queens at the clubs evolved from pubs And two much broken heart love Singing up the blues in locked boxed bedroom, a wop bop baloo bop ta wop bamboo Are you going to take the chance Why do you care no one plays fair And neither do the lords of the dance From here to Salvador, the ladies dance, to fill us reckless sons, with passions of the heart Well it's a bang bang Anglo Saxons at the disco A tish you all fall down Hound dogs round on the prowl For the next young girl, who told her daddy, "I'm going round Gemma's to learn and study, I'm young and so free and I'm kinda sexy, and when I'm on the floor all the boys they feel me, and old dear diary's never been a friend of mine." From here to Salvador, the ladies dance, to fill us reckless sons, with passions of the heart.

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