Throw Your Love Down

Jb And Moonshine Band

The things that I do, don't help get over you
But they sure do feel good at the time
I keep on prayin, but they keep on sayin
To hold on, for just one more night.

So throw your love down on me
Cause she no longer helps me to sleep
And I can't stay high enough
To make it feel any less rough
So throw your love down
Throw your love down

I don't have a clue, what I'm supposed to do
But I'm pretty damn sure this ain't it
I don't really know, where I need to go
Much less who I'm supposed to be with

There ain't no way this will last past today
And I'd tell you, but I don't know how
Cause honey I swear this ain't goin nowhere
You ain't right baby, you're just right now

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