Damn! You Feel Good

Jedd Hughes

Damn! You Feel Good

The sun went down
Before I knew it, we were lost in the covers
Foolin' around
If there was any way for you to be a better lover
Well, I don't know how
From your fingertips
To your every kiss
Sets me on fire

Girl, you feel good
Girl, you feel right
Damn! You feel good tonight

Well, the sun came up
And the world was brighter than I'd ever seen it
Must be love
'Cause the day was gone before we even knew it
The beginning of another night
Holding you tight
I can't let you go

Repeat chorus

It's your fingertips
It's your every kiss
Sets me on fire

Repeat chorus

Oh, Damn! You feel good
Damn! You feel right
Oh girl, you feel good tonight

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