Rejected Novelist Fails Again

Jeff Lang

They go ahead and publish any old dross
They turn their nose up at me it was literature's loss
It's amazing you can carry a sledgehammer down the street
Pass parking security without missing a beat
Such a clear blue sky and lunch break is soon
Elevators descend from all those little grey rooms
They'll be coming for me
They'll be coming for me

I read a suicide manual and I picked my doom
I'm following a plan at the strike of noon
The hammer rings the bell on every bonnet and trunk
The crunch of Merc windshields is making me drunk
I'm smashing Jags and BMs down the line
The heated voices behind mark the end of my time
They're coming for me
I hear them coming for me

I'll fill this stink hole city with a dying scream
I'll haunt the souls of every man who squashed my dream
All the suits and the ties, they're all going to hell
There's a pounding in my head like the liberty bell
It's the steel caps and fists going boom! Boom! Boom!
I hear an ambulance siren coming way too soon
Don't let them come for me
Don't let them rescue me
They're coming for me
It's not supposed to be this way

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