Jesse McCartney

I met this girl down the block from me
Used to tell myself she was too hot for me
But then I saw her at the corner store
So I ran on over just to grab the door
I got her number we started chillin' (hey)
We started buzzin', we got addicted
Now I, I'm the one she can't live without
I bet that's her right now

Shorty hittin' me up
Says she wanna re-up
Knows I got the best in town
Cuz when she get the shivers
She knows that I'll deliver
I'm the one that holds her down
She's about to break (x4)
And I won't let her wait (x4)
It's gettin' kinda late (x4)
And she just wanna shake ( x4)

One day she started texting me
Asked if she could borrow that recipe
I told her loving you is my specialty
She said well give it up up, give it up up

When she's away it's such a downer
And I miss her every time I'm not around her
Cuz she, she's the one I can't live without
I hope that's her right now


I'm hooked on her
I must admit it
I'd do anything to get it
She hooked on it
A bad habit
She'd do anything to have it
When she calls I know
Exactly what she wants from me
Yea anytime I hear my phone ringin'
She wants to shake it with me


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