Drum Theory (prod. Jfameous)


Straight out the dungeon of rap - where fake goons never make it back, I been in the hustle in the trap - spent a couple years I ain't getting back Sittin' in the basement - with my eyes closed, zoning out - I think I hit the hydro This is not that same old that you heard before, I been put in work since like 2004 How you like me - so far, ready with the venom - like I owned a cobra, now what you hear is not a test - I'm raping to the beat and I'm rocking with the best You know I throw it down never for my health - that's why I wear the crown and the champion belt, I never sleep cuz' sleep is the cousin of death - so if you really 'bout that life then it's time to represent (and) If you feelin' my vibe - we can all just ride, if you tryna' get down - we can all just ride If you wanna get high - we can all just ride, downtown westside - let's ride If you feelin' my vibe - we can all just ride, if you tryin' get down - we can all just ride If you wanna get high - we can all just ride, uptown eastside - let's ride The microphone is through - when this rap legend grab it, when I was 9 - my favorite rapper was brabbit Now I'm up in the game - acting like a savage, doing damage to these haters everyday - that's the average My city never sleeps - better stay woke, I'm thinking of a master plan - until I'm broke And these rhymes that I'm spitting - give my homies lots of hope, so I gotta roll for 'em - just incase you didn't know I been here before - this ain't new to me, but everything happen for a reason - can't you see So if you really down - then you can ride with me, jfame - prototype and the masterpiece Catch me - banging beats through the calamity, got the competition - jumping over balconies I'm the one that the prophets wrote about - in the prophecy, biologically a prodigy - check my biography

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