Nigeria O

Jgs Elogbo

Nigeria good people great nation in Africa,
Blessed with so many things by the most high.
Our image has been ravaged to the dust by the wicked once,
Come and save us Lord..

Biko Nna, mere'anyi ebere in our country.
This is our Canaan land(2ce)

Hear the Children crying,
See our women weeping,
See the soldiers fighting,
For peace to be restored (2ce)

The fight of faith with peace and love for the labours of our pass heroes.
For peace to be restored.
So we pray for our beloved country to rise again,
Among great nations
Oh my God help my father land to unite again, help us to realise that we came from one father of creation.
Though there's different and diversity in our language and religious. tThis is our Canaan land.

(Bridge/ Chorus)

Egbong bamisoro Omor kilo chele, gbogbo aye gbogbo naija?
Igbawoni ire ayormimadea?
How long shall we long shall we live in this misery, our soldiers are now restless, the jungle is now their new home, the border and the sea shore , for the sake and love of the nation .
Are they still virtues men and women to come and redeem the land..
Naija eh...naij eh..Biko Nna, redeem our land...
Hear the children crying,see the women weeping see our soldiers fighting for peace to be restored..till fade


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