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What Are You Doing With a Fool Like Me

Joe Cocker

Sometimes I watch you
As you're sleeping
And I can't believe
You're really here with me

I've got to pinch myself
To make sure that I'm not dreaming
Oh, something this good
How could it happen to me

I've never been the kind
That's lucky before
But my life changed when
You walked through my door

Now I'm more lucky than
I ever dreamed I would be

What are you doing with a fool like me
You could've found someone better
Who's a better one than me
Could've had anybody, I just don't see
What are you doing, what are you doing
With a fool like me

I know loving me ain't easy
Seems like I never say
The things I ought to say

It's like I'm never there
Girl, when you need me
Sometimes you turn to me
And I just turn away

I'm just a dreamer
With my head in the clouds
You should walk away
But still you stay around

I gave you rain
But rainbows all you see


Composição: Joe Cocker

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