Gone, Sorry

John Gallagher Jr

I am just now taking all of it in.
Your fading hanging bath towel smelling soft of your skin.
Lord, I dont know why I squander,
Such tresures I sold my life to seek.
And I'm not sure, iff if see the extent of what you meant to me.
Forgive me, but don’t forget me for good.
Now, I am right now playing all of it back.
The lights, the love, the hand claps,
A sweet surrounding soundtrack.

So long now, saddened school boy, I will miss you,
And I hope that you’ll miss me.
Its not that I want to go, but you’ll learn your heart just tells you so,
Sometimes, this time, and I’m gone
I am sorry
I’m gone, just as soon as I was here.
I’m gone, and I understand if you don’t speak to me again.
I kiss the ring, I risk, then I’m gone.
Well I will one night, ill come to you in your sleep.
Ill tie you to the bed post

You’ll have no choice but to talk to me
About things most unpleasant, or pleasant, well its up to you, not me
At least there will be words then, cause silence says much more than them.
Forgive me, just forget me, if you must.
Well I am always owning it up to it all.
And I have bent some things up so bad, their stems and leave will not burn in the fall

I am sorry, that I cant be the person you wanted me to be.
I gave you all my best, I'm afraid you’ll have to steal the rest.
Good luck finding where it went.
Good luck finding where it went.
Good luck finding where it went.
Good luck finding where it went.

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