Replace The Face

John Kay

She looks kinda pretty, the music is slow
I walk up to her table and I say "hello"
I ask her to dance, and as we start to move
It's hard to keep from thinkin' that I wish she was you
My friends told me what to do in this case

Replace the face…. you know I'm tryin' to
Replace the face… but I keep seein' you
You're just a memory that I can't erase
Replace the face

We're dancin' and talking', then I take her home
She makes us some coffee and we're all alone
Now she wants to be where only you have been
And I really want to love her but I can't give in
Still thinkin' while I'm in her embrace
Replace the face

Your face makes me face what's true
That I'm with somebody else 'cause I can't have you
Your face used to make me smile
But you're not around, and now it only breaks me down

If you'd only see me, I could work this through
Good bye would be better than just waiting for you
I know I didn't fall in love with you by myself
So won't you help me now honey, let me love someone else
Don't want my heart to be a wasted space
Replace the face

Replace the face…you know I'm tryin', I'm tryin'
Replace the face…but my heart's not buyin'
Replace the face…that's somethin' I can't do
Replace the face…'cause it's just you, you
Replace the face…replace it, replace it

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