Studla Sami

Johnny Clegg & Savuka

She's round like the moon, loves like a big monsoon
And she keeps me crazy
Like a great gondola on a midnight lake
She floats in my heart big and lazy
She says, I'm your studla (big lady)
I'm your cream cake
I'm your lucky packet
I'm your falling planet
I'll make your night sky dance for the sun.

Studla sami sihle
(my big lady is beautiful)
Sizwana namatonkomane
(and she loves peanuts)
Studla sami uma sigida
Kunyakaza wonke umhlaba
(my big lady, when she dances
The whole world shakes)

Across her latitudes
Shapes of coloured moods
Magic geometry
An appetite for words
She talks the sun to sleep
And invites the moon to touch her sea
She says, I'm your studla (big lady)

I'm your rushing ocean
I will never end
I am your true friend
You only conquered me
Because I let you


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