The Children's Song

Josh Garrels

Down on my knees
Praying please, have mercy now
Christ my shelter
In a world that tries to drag me down

Open your mind
Open your heart
Open up your soul
Jesus come in
And make a broken man whole

Carried the cross
Carried the pain
Carried the love
We don’t belong here but to the Father above

Jesus in heaven and
Jesus in hell below
Paid for our sin
Broken body with the red blood flow

Rise up in glory
Raise your hands to the risen King
He’s God almighty
Listen to his children sing
Let em sing

Hallelujah to our King
Hallelujah ruler over everything
The children sing

Hallelujah to our King
Hallelujah, ruler over everything

In this world you will have trouble
But Jesus overcame the world
And our body is His Temple
And we will worship forever more

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