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Riley B. King

Keb' Mo'

He's a king without a castle or crown
And every night he lays his body down
In a different town
But one thing stays the same
Everybody knows his name

People may laugh or cry
As his stories are told
To tell the truth like this
A man must be bold
And the people are glad
For the things he shares
Everybody knows he cares

By the light of the moon
Comes a flood of emotion
Riley B. King
Be the king of the ocean
He's royal blue
Like the deep blue sea
Riley B. King

Out of the darkness
And into the light
To fight the peaceful
Warrior's fight
Such a beautiful sight
And the way you feel
Watchin' him with Lucille

The heart of the man
Is open wide
And he closes his eyes
And looks inside
To a love of the world
Through the song he sings
Giving it everything

Chorus (2x)

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