Doobie in my Pocket

Keller Williams


I just remembered there's a doobie in my pocket
In my shirt in my suitcase
As I'm standing in line to check into my flight
And I'm trying to decide if I should get out of line
But the line is really long and I start thinking about this song
About the hippie at the festival who gave me the doobie

That is in my pocket in my shirt in my suitcase
That I'm planning on checking to my final destination
Which is another festival with hippies and more doobies
So I don't really need the one that is in

The pocket of my shirt in my suitcase
I wonder if they'll find it
And I wonder what they'll do
Depending on their mood

They'll put it in the pocket of their tsa shirt
Or maybe they're disgruntled
And spark it where they stand
Or maybe they will give it to their friend steve the cop
Who will put it in his pocket
And give it to the rasta
Who works at the starbucks bout 8:30-9
In hoping of continuing of receiving

His free triple tall americana shots on top
That he desperately needs that extra caffeine
So that he can walk the miles and miles of luggage
With his female german shepherd
That he named eva brawn

For the david langley song
Or at least the song that langley does
I'm not really sure
If david langley wrote it
But one thing's is true

Steve the cop he likes it
Or maybe he will simply throw the doobie in the trash
Avoid all the paperwork complete pain in the ass
And this is what is going thru my brain
As I exit the plane

And walk to baggage claim
And pray for a key change
But the suitcase never came
And I start to go insane

As I pace around with visions of guantanamo bay
No need to drool, man
Everything is cool
They found my suitcase on the way to istanbul
They got it just in time

Put it on the next flight
Everything's ok I should be seein it the next day
But once again it never came and once again I go insane
Cos it's time to go and like an hour to the show
Without any traffic
We did not leave in time for it

Now I've got road rage cos it's my time on the stage
I cannot die the sharp pain behind my eye
But I have to stop and smile cos I suddenly realize
That I'm wearing the shirt with the doobie in my pocket
It was never in my suitcase I was wearing it the whole time

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