Billboards For Jesus

Keni Thomas

They put a new sign up today

Where everyone could read it

The folks who paid to have it made

Must think that i need it

It was selling sunday service

Been a long time since i've been

Sign said, "are you man enough

To walk along with him?"

Billboards for jesus. is that how it's gonna be?

Try and sell religion on a sinner just like me

Am i man enough? am i strong enough?

I'm thinking, "who the hell are they?

Don't need your billboards for jesus

To show me the way."

Come next sunday morning

I found myself in church

I walked in a cynic

But at least that sign had worked

My heart was worn and leathered

My attitude was tough

When the preacher man he asked me

"son, how'd you hear about us?"

I told him

Billboards for jesus that's how it came to be

Took a sign for me to find

My way down on my knees

Am i man enough, am i strong enough?

Lord, i hope and pray

Billboards for jesus show me the way

We got hurricanes

And heartache pains

Brothers in iraq

A world in need of rescue

And friends who won't come back

But our doors are like his arms

Wide open every day

If your hurting

Come inside my friend

I'll gladly show the way (i'll be your)

Billboard for jesus, that's how it's gonna be

Gotta tell somebody else

Just what he's done for me

Am i strong enough, am i man enough?

Lord, i hope and pray

Billboards for jesus, show me the way.

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