Light Headed (feat. Cøzybøy)

Kina Beats

Pink lights
Late nights, oh, she
So tight
So light on it

Slow it down
Just ride on it
Go down
I’m so high off it

So light
I’m so light
I’ll fuck you in the low light
The low light
Damn this shit is so tight
It’s so tight
She knows it and she’s so right
She so right

She so right
She so right
She so right
It’s hard to find love in the nightlife
Four girls in one week no highlight
Fuck it I been jaded to this life like

No clothes
Red light
Pussy pink like a lean sprite
Making moves like I just might
Forget the pain and move on like

Love life
So trife
Miss the days that we talked like
Face to face on that FaceTime and now
Fandom girls getting FaceTime, oh

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