No One Remained

Kirlian Camera

Dirty liquid runs down the walls
Sliding through forgotten pipes.
Once I had beautiful flowers.
A beautiful child brought them to me
Every morning.
She'd explain how to keep them
Till next day
Fresh and shiny.
Then she disappeared, smiling,
Hoping I'd have carried on
With those scents just for myself.
I wanted to forget
And still, today
I'm trying not to remember
But my own sky
Overturns itself into a never-ending sun
Seemingly impressed on the ground.
I had every nature of a real garden
And its most beautiful colours
Spreading all around me.

There were enchanted animals and gems
Consecrated to truth
Strong winter days and blue rain bursting
In May
Music of the Gods and flashes of Credo
Athens turned to Heavens

Everything was unspoken
Holding up Paradise invisible tones
Everything I described
Was actually alive
Incredibly shiny
Preserved within the sky dead zone.

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