I'm not yet sure of my feelings
But please don't search for another man
'Cos all I need is you

I'm not yet sure about my love
But please don't go and breaking my heart
'Cos maybe I'll love you someday

I'll be your baby
I'm goin' crazy
This song's all about us
Maybe all i want is your love

I'm not yet done from her
But please wait baby please wait
'Cos I love you even i'm not yet sure

I'm not yet sure to this
I'm just want you right next to me
And hugging me


I don't know where my mind goes
But all I know your the treasure that lose
Before she make love with me
Maybe someday you'll be here
And give me tranquillity
But please do it right now
'Cos maybe she don't let you in

(Chorus except the last word)

All I want is your love...
(Repeat 4x)

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