Back & Forth

Lanae Hale

Verse 1
Well it’s easier to take
When it’s easy not to break
But set the enemy on fire
And feel the fames grow
Higher and higher and higher

If I could
Then I would
Run across the sea
To hear You speak to me

Back and Forth
The waves keep crashin’
Over my head
I keep on sinkin’
I need Your hand to steady me
To bring Your peace to this storm
Cause it’s back and forth

Verse 2:
Well it’s easy not to care
When apathy poisons the air
On the surface it seems calm
But underneath war rages
On and On and On 

Feel the rain falling hard on my shoulder’s
I lift my head and I don’t let go
Feel the tide growing high as I get older
I lift my head and I don’t let go
I feel the waves rolling over and over
I lift my head and I don’t let go
Cause You’re my light when the dark gets colder
So take my hand and don’t let go…Don’t let go

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