Sumo Rabbit & His Inescapable Trap Of Doom

Lawnmower Deth

When Sumo Rabbit was let out of his hutch,
You couldn't believe a rabbit looked to butch,
His muscles ripped, there is death within his eyes,
Other forms of life are things he does despise.
Sumo Rabbit goes to nightclubs to kick some trendy ass,
Thye drinks Nuclear Brown so he can have the glass,
Then without a warning, he crushes it in his paw,
Then without a flicker, he'll stuff it in your jaw.
Then he goes to a food-bar to hassle the fuckin' owner,
He starts by telling others that they are all?
Then he has some food but won't pay lot the bill,
Then to top the lot he goes inh for the kill.
Into the fighting ring to everyone's surprise,
Sumo throws a rabbit turd between his opponent's eyes,
With a crash and an ear-splitting squeek,
For his opponent it's the end of the fuckin' week.

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