Honey Dove

Lee Fields

My baby love
My honey dove

I can't live without your love
Why can't we make it like it was?
Since you've been gone
I've been all alone
Waited and waited with my telephone
You never called
And, girl, I'm so alone
You'r huting me honey
Right down to the bone

Baby love
My honey dove

It can be like it was
My baby love
Don t leave me like this
Can't go on
So my love for you, girl is so going strong
And If you leave me baby
No, I won't I won't last for long
Without you in my life
My life is gone

My baby love
My honey dove

It can be like it was
Only thing we need
Is just a little bit of trust
I love you baby
You r all I need
All I want
Can't you see?
Baby love

Baby...Baby love
You are everything
Everything I ever wïshed for
My baby love..
My baby love

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