Lila Downs

Under a black veil of smoke
the valley of anxiety opens
concrete blocks and cement
the saintly herb, the boxes of detergent
in this valley of asphalt and lead
chili, tortilla and salt to eat
at xochimilco lake
I imagine a golden eagle...
down the Zaragoza exit,
by the houses with grey walls,
between the patios, the clotheslines
the country's new clothes
being forged by hands and labor
stone on stone, the construction
from the province, I brought a dream
to this big lake, city of the Sun

I cry for my beloved homeland
because I am so far away
with a saddened soul
I also cry for her
the one who is lost
and I, lost for her

Tooth and tooth, blood with blood
valley of lead, mistaken machine
crazy with asphalt
dust, rain, thunders from the pay-off commission
little scares you
little you like
everything you swallow
everything you blame
stone with stone
data with data
what is the bar code on your epitaph?

Tooth and tooth, blood with blood
no one responds for these streets
in the distance, the electric cables
make a nest of travelling shadows
and at the corners all the dead
the drains steal your dreams
from millions, a rain of tears
from their enchantments and frustrations

Between the stones of a dead lake,
the lament of a city is heard
another colony extends itself
another family, no salary and no home
but the plant keeps blooming,
everyone struggles to win each day,
we all enjoy life for a while,
transit passes, comes and goes

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