Putting On The Style

Lonnie Donegan

Sweet sixteen, goes to church just to see the boys
Laughs and screams and giggles at every little noise
Turns her face a little and turns her head awhile
But everybody knows she's only putting on the style

(Chorus) Yeah - putting on the agony, putting on the style
That's what all the young folks are doing all the while
And as I look around me, I'm sometimes apt to smile
Seeing all the young folks putting on the style

Young man in the hot-rod car, driving like he's mad
With a pair of yellow gloves he's borrowed from his dad
He makes it roar so lively just to see his girlfriend smile
But she knows he's only putting on the style


Preacher in the pulpit roars with all his might
Sing Glory Hallelula with the folks all in a fright
Now you might think he's satan that's coming down the aisle
But it's only our poor preacher, boys, it's putting on his style

(Chorus x 3)

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