Valiant Visions Dawn

Magna Carta Cartel

As always I'm chasing my fears
Brings me wisdom to see
That I'm lost in the years

My vision holds tight
And nothing's regained
Greetings sunrise
And goodmorning restrained

I'm facing up for once and all
Where mirrors help the fall
Somewhere from the dusty clouds
I can hear myself call

In silence I find
That the hours won't mind
If the storms comes my way
I Have dreamt of this day
When embracing the truth
Reach the end of your will
Leave the cause of the fight
March on in to the night

When thinking of tomorrow
Reminds you of the past
Warn the scouts of sorrow
It is coming
And fast

In every stand
Despite your demand
You cannot control the turns
and every flame
The vision the same
Raindrops that longs to burn

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