My Isle Of Golden Dreams

Makaha Sons Of Ni'ihau

Out of the mist, lips I have kissed
Call tenderly

Out of the west, hands I have pressed
Beckon to me

Over the sea, waiting for me
Lonely and blue

Somebody sighs, somebody cries
"I love you, I love you"

Drifting in dreams, drifting it seems
Back to the shore

Where hand in hand, over the sand
We'll stroll once more

Heart of my heart, no more we'll part
I hear her say

But with the dawn
My dream has gone astray

I hear the voice of my land
Calling me it seems

That fair Hawaiian island
My Isle of Golden Dreams

Somehow I know, sometime I'll go
Back o'er the sea
Where all alone, someone I've known
Waits patiently

Lips I have kissed, lips I have missed
Whisper it seems
Come for awhile, Back to your Isle
Of dreams

Thy Isle of Golden Dreams
My Isle of Golden Dreams

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