Four Cigarettes

Malcolm Middleton

you are the end, you are the light,
you are the reason I'm up late tonight
I think about you sleeping with your legs on my side
of the bed and you're dreaming putting up a fight

against the world and what we know is right
we'll break away somehow I'll be running at your side

we need to get away get away to someplace
that nobody's ever bothered about
and everything we do and everything we say
will be the first time it's ever happened that way

we're four cigarettes away from having to leave the house
got to make them last till the sun goes down
waiting for the dark so we can come to life
waiting for a laugh or lightening to strike

and I just remembered I've forgot where I am
just had a nightmare that I stopped dreaming
so what happened there? and where did that go?
I've sweated out ambition done with longing gone fishing

in a river that is dry through a land that is age-ing
de-accelerating, quietly deflating

you know I'm trying to find my way
I cant remember luck, I can't remember luck
I remember failure, after failure after failure,
I'm drinking too much, I'm running away

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