The Outside (of The Other Side)

Marie Claire D'ubaldo

Too many shadows in the light
ready to take me far to an endless empty place
I never knew quite enough
I can see faces all around
I can feel mirrors in my back
it's cold, and I can't pretend I'm allright
And I'm walking on the outside of the other side
and I'm walking on the outside, feeling it's the wrong side
and I'm walking, I'm walking down
the other side, I never thought it'd happen so fast
Time to fear, some time to hide
I'm falling and falling into the dark
tell the sergeant I'm stealing life
trying to stay with you for a little while
Too many stories share my mind
too many visions share my happiness, my fears
I can't forget it time to time
Memories are rushing in and out
no more complaints, no more denials
and I smile, although I can't pretend I'm allright

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