Sex Toy

Marius Nedelcu

Verse 1:
My back against the wall
My cloths are on the floor
The cash is on the table
She’s 49 but able
Able to pay my bills
Willing to hear my dreams
No, she’s not my mother
I have no shame, don’t bother

Come on girl just give it to me
Come on boy just give it to me

Skin on skin moving slow
Choosing sex over love
What the hell am I doing?
I’m out of control
Easy boy, don’t you worry
Go ahead, don’t be sorry
Don’t be confused
She wants to be used

Come on enjoy, I’ll be your sex toy
Go on and scream, I’ll be your wet dream
You need my body, I need your money
I give you one night; you give me a better life

Verse 2:
My man is out of town
She says as she goes down
He’s on a business trip
She screams as I go deep
Handcuffs, big boots and yelling
She’s into role playing
He’s loving wïfe and mother
If he would know, I wonder?!

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