Black Market

Marlene Dietrich

Black Market
Sneak around the corner

Black Market
Peek around the corner

Come! I'll show you things you cannot get elsewhere
Come! Make with the offers and you'll get your share

Black Market
Powdered milk for bikes
Souls for Lucky Strikes
Got some broken down ideals? Like wedding rings?
Sh! Tiptoe
Trade your things

I'll trade you for your candy
Some gorgeous merchandise
My camera, it's a dandy
Six by nine, just your size

You want my porcelain figure?
A watch? A submarine?
A Rembrandt? Salami? Black lingerie from Wien?
I'll sell my goods
Behind the screen

No ceiling, no feeling
A very smooth routine
You buy my goods
And boy my goods are keen

Black Market
Coo-coo clocks and treasures
Thousand little pleasures

Black Market
Laces for the missus
Chewing gum for kisses

Come! And see my big binoculars this week
Price? Only six cartons one puff a peek

Black Market
Milk and microscope for liverwurst and soap
Browse around I've got so many toys

Don't be bashful
Step up, boys

You like my first edition?
It's yours, that's how I am
A simple definition
You take art, I take spam

To you for your K ration
My passion and maybe an inkling
A twinkling or real sympathy

I'm selling out - take all I've got!
Ambitions! Convictions! The works!
Why not?
Enjoy my goods, for, boy, these goods are hot!

Composição: Frederick Hollander

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