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It's Over

Michael Sembello

I can remember it well
Childhood sweethearts
The neighborhood had all agreed
That we would succeed
With infinite passion

We were so innocent then
Everyone's favorites
Never a moment apart
Waiting for the love
To grow between us

Then one day a cold wind blew
The love got so much older
I didn't see the problem in time
And suddenly it was over

It's over
It's over
It's over

Marriage came quick down the line
The families applauded
Three kids and ten years today
Trying to live the way
They all imagined

Now we're like everyone else
Stripped of the magic
The distance that love could not reach
Higher than the night
As sure as daytime

People seem to fall in love
They're sorry when they're sober
I never dreamed it would end like this
So suddenly it was over

Composição: Rubalcava Alfredo Ricardo, Ricardo Rubalcava Alfredo, Michael Sembello

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