Mrs Me

Nasty C

[Verse 1]
Scream that you hate me when I know you don't
It's okay
I fucked up so much I'm still surprised you don't
What's your plan?
To love me forever like you promised in 11th grade
And never break that promise even though I didn't hesitate
I owe you a rose for every breath you take
I owe you all the love God invested in heaven and then a necklace that say you come before second place
And make up for the empty space I left, my greatest mistake
I wish I could erase it
I wish we could do what we want and just go make some babies
I wish our parents meet and kick it like they both related
I can't wait till they celebrate us
Mrs Me (Mrs me)
Go deep inside you like I'm tryna find a missing key (missing key)
This is me (This is me)
Signing up to work OT putting butterflies in your intestines


[Verse 2]
I'll say I dig you when it's deep enough to bury me
Still, then it be deep enough for you to marry me
Kill, anybody that takes away your happiness
Spill, real, if that is me then I am hanging me
Coz you deserve to smile (smile), not a frown should stay on your face (face)
I haven't made it if I haven't made your day (day)
I'm not a rider till I've learned to drive your pain away
Now get us to heaven alive (alive) with your angel Waze (Waze-Waze)

Be my Mrs me, Mrs me, I'll be Mr you, Mr you
You so incomplete missing me, and I'm halfway through I need you

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