I read one day
On the bus to Sydney
Catching public transport
Reduces pollution
Death become the outcome, brother
So does catching public diseases
Reduces your white cells, son
All that fun and games
Now you six feet under
Tears of sorrow fall of a cheek
Not just your mother
Close to your roots
There before
Nurtred by the earth
Heavens you explore
Anyway, you lucky
You not here no more
My mind is sore
So much jealousy and hatred upon our land
No one else of color or sex can understand
Another man or woman's identity
Unity? Only a figment of your imagery

Pushing all energy
From mental to nerves to create movement
And the sum they all observe
And that's how they occour
Put all minds to ideas
Eventually emerge

Memories, memories, memories (x3)

Dreams in night blood, so visual
Maximum colors senses
They're never minimal
Some evil, though
Nightmares are a bitch
Dreams in night blood, so visual
Nightmares are a bitch
'Cause if I were back in that dream
My head be off by a witch
Damn, sometimes I still flinch
Memories memories
Damn, sometimes I still flinch
Damn, sometimes I still flinch
Memories, memories, memories

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