Homogenized For Mass Consumption Or How My Youth Was Watered Down And Sold For Profit

New Bruises

Stand Up! Stand Up!
Now listen
The rhetoric on your TV
Transmit! Transmit!
America's vision
Homogenized for the world to receive

The next step we forgot

Stand Up! Stand Up!
No reason
Seen what you want to see
Transmit! Transmit!
A realist's vision
A media life that you choose to lead

The next step we forgot

The first step is to
Strike against the lies
And the half truths that they breathe
And to tolerate less every day

there I was sitting in the dark
Watching the deceptions portrayed on TV
And it's not okay with me

All the time we waste for that box
Entertaining our thoughts
Of what we are not and what we will never be

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