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Don't Play That Song Again

Nicki French

Once I had a dream
I thought we had everything
Living such a perfect life we had it all
But our loved died
Deep into the night

Now I'm lonely again
But I, I'm gonna be strong
And the tears that I have cried
You'll never see
All the crying and pain
Was never for me

Don't play that song again
Reminding me of how it used to be
Don't play that song again
I wish it could be like before
When you were here with me
Oh, yeah
Oh, DJ please don't play
Don't play that song again

Time, time changes everything
And that's what they say
But it's too late for regret
When all's said and done
It just was a meant to be
Now I'm a lonely one

Composição: Gerry Sheppard/John Springate

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