This Shit's Forever

No Cash

the rocks stick to my wheels and stop them from spinning around
throwing me forward, face first into the ground
the blood on my knees and the breeze in my hair
send chills through my body, like the endless summer air
make it to the show, and everybody's hanging out outside
to forget about the world for a while, in the music i hide
friends will come and go, you can't always be together
just remember when you're apart, that this shits forever


memories fade slowly, but they never disappear
the song stays in my head, and the beat never leaves my ear
the speed of the urethane and the feel of the grind
is tattooed like a number on the forehead of time
i know no better freedom or no better "inner peace"
than the feeling i get when i'm sk8ing down the street
soon you will be gone, no lives forever
just remember when you're dying, motherfucker


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