Life's Time

Noble Life

Intro: Noble

Yeah (echo) this streetlife thatz what we live
thatz what we been livin
tell'em somethin

Verse yo Baltimore keep the glock the right
street niggaz sling the rock right
We drop crimez down the drain
dun we off the chain
Life the one to put u deep
off the block glock bake more shit than
Betty Crocker
I live from the gutta
shed tearz in the gutta
walk the streetz for a while u see niggaz dead
in the gutta
Put my slang clear
so u understand me, when I get on
watch u niggaz understand fear
My blood is red as another nigga'z
ain't got the fame but I got flame
that can't be exstinguished....shit
U niggaz feel me, thatz why u bobb ya
head and I ain't got no beat
I'm 16 Straight from the streetz
This Baltimore

(lil James Smith)

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