Nodd Morris

livin large is not enough - you've got your scars you think you're tough and
pull your weapon and let me see how many flowers will rest on thee

think a moment act it now - your best confession scream it loud and
in deafening the heavens we can figure out
how to get by the loop hole they refer to as life

Chorus : sunset skies through flooded eyes all the time
too beautiful to be or is she
one of them the men who lie everytime even though they don't try
and can i skip the line filled with the harmless interaction
it'll give me satisfaction, i'm ready to evolve
my breath is on hold and i am told it'll be until long past she explodes

smile slow to show your charm - they don't buy it it's your
kharma coming back to harm the only thing you have and that is me

things'll come and things'll pass - behind bars or behind glass
smile slow to show your charm and i will never feel no harm


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