Lost In Desolation

Obscurity Tears

There is a paradise
in somewhere ensconced
Distant, in the intimate
in a island, lonely
in a illusions sea

Want to struggle by somethig more sublime
That rich my soul
and open the perception's doors
What is pure and beauty
In the direction from cosmos

Fulling the desert
Where it found my soul
To feel the summers heat
To feel the wind's foundness
Travelling beyond stockades of truth
Since that the skies don't castigue
For intensifying the worth of my character

In the mirror of waters
See my being
In the Gild of clouds
Waiting the day to die
Matrimony of hope and silence

Please tell me where is the way
To arrive to that paradise
Podering my defects
In Proportions due
My naivety flowa
Carving my spirit
Peaking in the ecstasy of evolution
Trying to meet that lost paradise
Inside of my being suitable

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