Man On Fire

Oh The Larceny

Won't watch this same movie again
Windows and doors can't keep me in
I feel my heart underneath my skin

Stack up those dreams won't let em go
Some way some how my day will come
This is my time gonna light it up

Stepping out into the unknown
Stepping out, oh
Stepping out
To whatever's coming on
Stepping out

I'm a man on fire
Sounds crazy but i never lose
Oh you know i'm gonna give it
All i got do what i came to do
I'm a man on fire

And my day is overdue
This burn is never gonna stop
Do what I came to do
I'm a man on fire

My back to the wall is how i live my life
I risk it all put it on the line
Then blow it up every single time

It's a big world I'll take it in
If i don't try how can i win
This chance might never come again

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